Standard Range 

8 tanks with various configurations ranging in size from 300gallons up to 4000. We have put a huge amount thought into every detail of their design to ensure they can be utilised for almost any purpose. 

Each tank is created using our unique mould process, giving them the distinctive high gloss finish we are known for. 

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Bespoke Range 

Should the Standard Range not meet your requirements our Bespoke Range allows you to design a tank to your own specifications! Built from the ground up using the latest in industry leading materials and technology, this is a guaranteed way to build your perfect pond.


We also create products of various applications and there isn't a project we've turned down yet!


Please get in touch with your requirements.

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Pond Lining

Our team has over 30 years of experience in the fibreglassing trade and when it comes to professionally lined concrete ponds, that experience shows!  


We charge £40.00 +vat per square metre and all the work we undertake is Guaranteed. We cover most of the UK, but please contact us for a quotation.

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Pond Products

Not only do we have a range of EZ Pond products, such as biological filtration bays and koi bowls we also offer 'off the shelf' items including, pipe work, pond pumps, Uv units, skimmers and filtration, which can be included as a complete package with one of our tanks. 

Draco Drum – Oase – Burtons – Evolution Aqua.


Please get in touch for prices or information.

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