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We are the UK’s leading fibreglass tank manufacturers.


Having been specialists in the fibreglassing trade for over 30 years and avid koi enthusiasts for decades, we had a vision to use our skills to make fish keeping accessible to everyone. The result...


Possibly the finest range of 'Koi Tanks' in the world.

Although originally designed for koi carp, our tanks have numerous applications and have also been used for cold water fish, marine ponds, tropical fish ponds, sales tanks at aquatic stores, splash pools and even for alligators! Our unwavering eye for quality and attention to detail is applied to every single tank we manufacture - and it shows! As well as establishing a new standard in the industry, we are also leading the way with our innovative designs and techniques, always looking to improve and grow


Since we started trading, not only have we delivered tanks to every corner of the United Kingdom, but we are now exporting all over the globe; Germany, Malta, Belgium, Canada and even the USA - proudly waving the flag with a product that does all the talking. 


The EZ Pond offers the perfect solution:


For those with no building experience

For those who require a tank that can be relocated

For those who don't have the time to build a concrete pond

For Aquatic Retailers looking to expand without heavy construction

For those looking to get involved with fish keeping for the first time

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