A high quality 750 gallon tank fitted as standard with a 110mm bottom drain. This model has a fully benched base and filleted corners to aid waste removal. Note: we can also build these with no drain installed upon request.


There are two standard options available:

750v (Framed Window)

750i  (Infinity Window)



Length - 2660mm external – 2500mm internal

Width - 1460mm external – 1300mm internal

Height - 1220mm overall - 1050mm internal


Window size

EZ750v – 1720mm x 500mm (25.5mm)

EZ750i – 1720mm x 715mm (31.5mm)



EZ750v – 275Kg

EZ750i – 290Kg



EZ750v – £1,860.00 inc VAT

EZ750i – £2,145.00 inc VAT

EZ750v & EZ750i