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Introducing the all new EZ Halo 1000, a beautifully crafted pond designed for your garden oasis. This stunning pond holds a capacity of 1000 UK gallons or 4546 litres, making it the perfect addition to your outdoor space. With a diameter of 2400mm and a depth of 1220mm, this pond provides ample space for aquatic plants and fish to thrive. The total height of the pond with a storm bottom drain is 1500mm, and 1300mm without the drain, allowing for easy installation in any garden setting. Complete with a viewing window measuring 1650mm x 700mm and featuring a curved laminated design, the EZ Halo 1000 adds a touch of elegance to any garden setting. Pre order yours today and experience the beauty and tranquility of a stunning garden pond.



HALO QT No drain non window £1750 inc VAT

HALO QT Standard 110mm drain non window £1870 inc VAT

HALO QT + Storm-  Non window £2195 inc VAT

HALO 1000i infinity window no drain £3295 inc vat 

HALO 1000i infinity window + standard 110mm drain £3365 inc VAT

HALO 1000i infinity window + Storm drain £3690 inc VAT

Additional infinity window £999 inc VAT


** Pictures of cladding are for illustration purposes only, pond is supplied without cladding**


EZ HALO 1000

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